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Dan Mudford

Composer, Artist, Musician

Dan Mudford is a composer and documentarian best known for his work on the British comedy ‘Shaun of the Dead’. He first gained recognition in the musical world from his bands O Yuki Conjugate and Sons of Silence. Dan’s music made it into the hands of up and coming director, Edgar Wright, who recognized how cinematic it was and featured it in his television show, ‘Spaced’, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. As ‘Shaun of the Dead’ started its pre-production process, Wright brought on Dan and fellow bandmate Pete Woodhead to score the music for his hyperkinetic comedy. Working tireless hours in the room adjacent to the editing booth, Dan and Pete were able to intertwine horror and comedy elements along with touches of tangible emotion to make one unforgettable score.

After scoring ‘Shaun of the Dead’, Dan shifted gears and became a documentarian for many of the behind the scenes features on Wright’s home video releases including Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

Jan. 31, 2022

SideTrack'd: Shaun of the Dead with Steadicam Operator Paul Edwards a…

On this Shaun of the Dead episode we get a visit from Steadicam Operator Paul Edwards, who walks us through his more memorable camera work on the production. Then stick around for a post Shaun of the Dead screening discussion...

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