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Nayib Estefan

Nayib Estefan is best known as the owner and curator for a series of movie theaters called The Nite Owl. Currently Nayib runs the Nite Owl Drive In Theater in Miami Florida and is set to open a second location soon. In the past he’s designed specialty theaters with his friend, director Harmony Korine, for Kaleidoscope magazine in a partnership for Gucci.

Like his parents before him, Nayib continues to elevate the arts in the Miami area with his unique and interactive movie theater experiences.

Dec. 29, 2021

SideTrack'd: The Nite Owl Drive-In Movie Theater

Deke goes behind the projector as he chats with Nayib Estefan, Grant & Ben to find out the passion and pains it takes to run Miami's Premiere Movie Theater: The Nite Owl Drive-In.

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